Project Design

Izmir Laser uses the most up-to-date versions of 3D design and technical drawing programs such as Cad-Cam, Solid Works and Auto Cad with its expert team. In addition to helping you develop new products and projects, it meticulously undertakes and fully fulfills the demands necessary for the production of highly developed products and projects.

Laser Cutting

Izmir Laser serves many different sectors, mainly the manufacturing sector, with its 2020 model fiber laser cutting machines with today’s latest technology.Every quality steel from 0.10 mm to 25 mm thickness is perfectly processed to the finest detail within the required tolerances and industry-specific solutions are offered.

Izmir Laser is happy to contribute to the principle of delivery at the time of quality production by accelerating the manufacturing processes of its customers together with its employees who haveacquired this philosophy, as well as to being among the companies most sought in the sector.

Press Break Bending

Izmir Laser, with its experienced staff and 2020 model 3D CNC Press Breaks and technical infrastructure, bends every quality of steel material from 4020 mm length to 14 mm thickness with the highest precision within the desired dimensions and tolerances and converts it into forms suitable for the needs of different sectors. Even the most complex bending works that are available in your project are carried out flawlessly in the fastest way.

Welding Construction

İzmir Laser, offers special Tig-Mig welding options for your sector in welding construction process. Our company perfectly manufactures machine equipment and parts without compromising precision and quality with its team and with the necessary technical infrastructure. The machine equipment and parts undertaken are delivered by subjecting them to the desired quality checks and tests.

Our company, which has acquired a philosophy of delivery at the time of quality production, is happy and proud to be among the companies sought in addition to successfully performing the projects it undertakes without compromising on quality.

Machine Assembly

The machine that the product is completed also performs the assembly of equipment and parts. After the initial quality check of the machine equipment and parts that have completed the assembly process, it is moved to the electrostatic powder coating section to be painted if needed. After the completion of the coating process, the final assembly process is completed using all the intermediate fasteners required for final assembly, such as drive-in nuts, anchoring, rivets, etc. After the final quality control, the machine equipment and parts are specially packaged and shipped according to the country and distance to deliver.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Our company, which has the largest and highest part painting capacity in the Aegean region, with its expert staff carries out the painting process of machine equipment and parts belonging to many different sectors. Painting machine equipment and parts belonging to different sectors are extremely important using the correct paint technique and quality, which varies according to the environment and conditions in which they are located. İzmir Laser completely fulfills all the necessary processes and offer excellent surface quality.